I’ve been looking and looking for ways to make some additional money.  I’ll be sharing intro’s to the business opportunities that I have selected.  The total scoop will be placed on an individual page under the tab Money Makers$$ for your perusal!  You can also just click on the money bucket.  Thank you!


Every Dollar counts – “Financial Fitness Club”

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IDN FFC Kristine again


Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

I’m wondering… just where in the world have all the flowers gone?

I’m talking about hope and growth and life folks.  where have all the flowers gone

Sometimes it’s hard to see that there are still flowers rather than only deadfall. ;-(

It’s been a rather hard day.  My Root Canal aches, my family has passed, it’s just me and my Son.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is pushed to Saturday for the meal of the week…

There are many in my circle as well as out there who are in much worse situations.   Please know that you are in my prayers.

I do still have hope derived from mining the internet for opportunities that may just turn this boat around.

In the Face of Life, I still have my home, my car, a JOB and can cook a Saturday meal that will last through the week.  I was also able to have the Root Canal to save a tooth that would have been very difficult to pull.   I am very thankful for all of that.

God forgive me though, I am so impatient to be done with 9 years of Hell… My Thanksgiving is that I can still be impatient!


Direct Pay Biz — Unstoppable Home Business Team

HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT – Direct Pay Biz!

I’ve been looking and looking for ways to make some additional money.  I’ll be sharing intro’s to the business opportunities that I have selected.  The total scoop will be placed on an individual page under the tab Money Makers$$ for your perusal!  You can also just click on the little girl.  Thank you!

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 gold money




Prosperity Cash Machine — One Xtreme Team


I’ve been looking and looking for ways to make some additional money.  I’ll be sharing intro’s to the business opportunities that I have selected.  The total scoop will be placed on an individual page under the tab Money Makers$$ for your perusal!  You can also just click on the little girl.  Thank you!


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One Xtreme Team

One Xtreme Team

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Long Time No See!

Many many things have come to pass since my last post in September.

As always, it was not my intent to be gone so long.Angel Feathers

This ADhD thing and internet marketing are a loaded combination.

My Sis-in-Law is recovering nicely from her radical Cancer surgery.  She texts that she is no “Comic”, just struggling to learn how to talk with a “machine’ for a voice… she has not given me the pleasure to hear that  yet.. hopefully, it will be a terrific Christmas present!

I think the problem here is that in addition to being totally overwhelmed with new information and programs and opportunities, I find it hard to do a blog… because it equals diary to me which equals someone can find it, take it totally out of context and use it for their own purposes.  I’m not much on babysitting others and I’m way too old to have to spend too much time explaining what I am doing and why to others.  Not sure that this matters much, it’s just that it’s hard to put out to the public things that are only important to me…. especially when at this point in my life I realize that the only reason we off our stuff onto others is to make ourselves feel good and ok and normal… Wish I had figured that out years ago.

Will continue the internet marketing journey just because… hope you can find some helpful info along the way!


It’s been another Whirlwind

It’s been another whirlwind.  Too many things to write about with focus.

Sister-in-law was given mechanical voice at her first post surgery Dr.’s visit.  She (and all the rest of us) was very surprised… learning how to use it is a challenge.

My Son was denied his 3rd Soc Security Appeal.  No where to go but to refile and although the filing is not complete, we already have a denial in the mail.

Have found yet another opportunity to succeed on the internet, yet it has not panned out either.. a major launch for a new team build.  Lots of folks that “jumped” with me have multiples in their downlines, lots of us have NO ONE in their downlines… very roller coastery and disappointing… so more about that later.

Somehow in all the flurry, I found a site to make your own “splash” pages at Splash Page Avertising…  It took a little bit of time to create the one I wanted, however I think it turned out very well!  I made it for Simple Money System and have already had several likes on the posts.  Now that the first one is done, the rest should come easier.

I think the link that I would like to include tonight is from my Pure Leverage blog on RECOGNITION… it’s vital. The key to success is whether it’s positive or negative recognition.

You can take one small error that a team member has never made before and use that error as the topic for “team training” on how to do things error free, including a “training roster” no less .. and shoot yourself in the foot alienating the entire team OR…

You can go “Wow!  Don’t know what’s happened here, not the norm.  Easy fix, I’ll get with them a little later “  and then thank them for providing major assistance to alleviate a critical bottleneck today… Easy choice.

What type of team leader are you?We Rule!


Life is a Whirlwind

Life is a whirlwind!  In the morning when you wake up you can easily see the things you need to do and the time seems to be there to get them done.  By 10:00 a.m you know you are in trouble… so goes most of my days.  Another whirlwind week!  My Sis-in-Law is doing much better than the Dr.’s thought she would.  She has a long ways to go.  Thankfully, she has a wonderful support system in her daughter and son and their families.  Thank you for prayers for her! :-)

I continue on the internet and internet marketing journey… have no idea why most of the time other than OCD has fully taken over and I am hooked!

Well, that sounded good, but the reality is that it is  just as is stated on my contact page.. This site came about from unseen direction under unusual circumstances.  It is a work in progress.  I was even “told” what to name the site in spite of SEO rearing it’s ugly head… so

The NEO Network

The NEO Network

At some point this week, I became connected to a group of folks who have joined a vision of success and prosperity led by Kris Darty.  Kris became one of the top sellers in a Company called “The Empower Network”.  There is a lot out there about him if you google him up.  At some point in his success, Kris realized that the folks that had signed up under him and that had created the massive income he was enjoying … were not themselves enjoying the same massive income.  In fact, lots of them were spending much more than they were able to recoup.  He asked some of the other recruiters about this and what could be done and received very laid back “that’s just how it is” type responses.  His reaction to this was to quit marketing and recruiting cold turkey.  He spent months wrestling with this and earlier this year launched a very novel concept called “The NEO Network” (Never Ending Opportunity).  Well, we’ve all known I’ve been unplugged since before I was born so somehow it only made sense to join.

The NEO Network is a community not a sales op and so far what I have seen has blown the socks off any model I could ever have imagined.  The entire group of nearly 4,000 members is working together to obtain leads and sign ups in the current biz op being promoted.  Those leads and sign ups are being placed where they will do the most good … for everyone, not for the person they may have came in under.  Truly amazing… I will finalize this tomorrow night, as once again I am out of time.   In the meantime, if you get a chance check this out!


The time of my Life!

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

I had intended to post a couple of times this week, however other matters took precedent.  First and foremost, one of my dear Sister-in-Laws has been admitted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for cancer.  :-(   She underwent a tedious and life changing surgical procedure yesterday, came through it with flying colors and it is what it is.  The cancer had not spread, reconstructive surgery was kept to a minimum however she will have to have an electronic voice box at some point in the future.  She had four teams of Dr.’s in addition to countless prayers and her immediate family by her side.  I would like to get the word out about the Mayo Clinic…  two weeks ago she only had a bad cold, was working 3/4 time as a Security Guard in Missouri, was trying to figure out how to make her car payments and still save enough money to move home early next year.   In a whirlwind, her life changed forever and yet with no outward appearance of being able to financially pay for her extensive  medical treatment, Mayo not only took her in, consulted and advised… they performed the surgery and are providing her aftercare… this is amazing to me.  For those of you close to a Mayo, if you need it USE it!  Our family is forever grateful and can only repay by paying it forward in information sharing.


Simple Money System and Pure Leverage

I was invited to try a free and relatively new marketing system a couple of weeks ago, Simple Money System.   Sounded terrific, is terrific but boy what a learning curve!  It’s a good thing Joel Peterson has put together excellent training material and go to instructions on how to do this! Excellent opportunity, wish I had found it earlier this summer.  It sure would have saved a very big headache w another product that I became involved with.

SMS Create Account

Sign up today

Through SMS, I decided to use the tools that are provided by their partner Pure LeverageJoel Therien has developed a terrific compliment of internet marketing tools for a very reasonable price that includes the autoresponder that I was working with earlier when I was finally able to upload my Report ” Affiliate Money Secrets”.

I have a long ways to go education wise and really understanding how all of this works, however I am light years ahead of where I was 3 weeks ago!  Too bad I’m so thick headed!

Oh! I have my own Pure Leverage Blog too!  Go have a look!

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Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage

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They certainly don’t pay you 100% residual commissions on all product sales.

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Short and Sweet.. Autoresponder Success!

Am out of time for tonight, however did want to document that after two excrutiatingly long weekends I finally got through the entire process of rebranding a book, uploading it to my website and setting up an autoresponder campaign! YES!!!! WYoming Dirt is having a fit, however it is with much satisfaction that I can say DONE!